Live Brave Designs

Live Brave Designs (LBD) products are handmade in Tulsa, OK and they are an expression of our faith and to draw attention to the fact that we are not alone.  The cross-bearing butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and renewal and is a joyful reminder to have no fear as we continue through our journey of life. The materials used in LBD products (semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, shells, clay, wood, and a variety of metals, etc.) are selected and inspected for quality, beauty, feel, and personality.  The elements are combined to create a harmonious blend of color, vibe, and meaning. Due to the natural components of the products, there will be some slight imperfections that only add to the overall unique character of the piece. The elastic cords are pre-stretched to assist in maintaining size and durability.  We hope you enjoy wearing our products and find meaningful reminders to live brave everyday!

Owner: Lynne Dooley

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